Below are links relevant to the Mexican wolf subspecies. Some of these links are referenced in other pages, others are provided for additional information.

Participating Facilities

Please see the Captive Facilities page.


Government Agencies

Arizona Game and Fish Department

US Fish and Wildlife Service



NPR Story on Mexican wolf recovery

"To the Point" story on Mexican wolves (begins at 7:30 into audio)

Video interviews with MWSSP Team members, Courtesy of El Paso Zoo: English / Español

Video of Mexican wolf puppies growing up at Wolf Haven International

Video about Connectivity in the Americas


Sounds (MP3s)

Lone Mexican wolf

Mexican wolf with pack

Short Mexican wolf pack howl

Long Mexican wolf pack howl

Bluestem pack howl


Advocacy Groups

Center for Biological Diversity

Defenders of Wildlife

The Rewilding Institute




Reading List

The following is a list of suggested readings for those who wish to learn more about the Mexican Wolf recovery program.

Mexican Wolves increasing in the Southwest, Nicholas Riccardi - L.A. Times

2 Mexican Wolves released into the wild, Albuquerque, NM - InfoZine

Mexican Wolf released in New Mexico recaptured - The Associated Press

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Mexican Wolf Recovery Team. 1998. Fact Sheet: Recommendations for Guides, Outfitters and Forest Visitors on the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Program.

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USFWS Document. 1982. Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. 1996. Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction Program.



Field Trip Earth

International Wolf Center

Wild Arizona